When Is It Time for a New Roof?

The roof on your home is one of the most important parts of the structure. If a roof isn’t installed properly or if it’s old and needs to be replaced, you may end up with leak problems. While replacing a roof may be an expense, it is important to keep it in the best shape until the time comes for a new one. Not only will a new roof make your home look better aesthetically, but you will also avoid other costly problems. If your roof isn’t protecting the inside of your home properly, you can end up with a leaky roof and water damage inside of your home. But how do you know when it is time for a new roof? Here are some signs that it’s time to replace it.

Your roof is over 20 years old
Just because you aren’t having any problems with your roof, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider replacing it. If your roof is more than 20 years old, you should call a roofing contractor to assess how much longer it may last and any potential damage it may have that you are unaware of. There are many factors in making the decision in replacing an old roof such as how many layers of shingles it has and if it is ventilated properly. If your roof has multiple layers and is more than 20 years old, you most likely will need to replace it or have suffolk roof repairs. When replacing you will need somewhere to put all of the garbage so, commercial garbage removal Long Island can help.

Cracked shingles
Cracked shingles will happen over time, and the older your roof is, the more cracks it will have. Cracking is the result from when the asphalt material dries. The asphalt will both shrink and stretch depending on weather conditions. While cracking is normal it shouldn’t be too widespread. If you notice that your roof is starting to look worn out due to cracks, then it is time to replace it. If your roof is fairly new and you are noticing cracks, you should contact the roofing contractor that replaced your roof to see if there may be a defect in the roofing materials that they used. These dumpsters can be removed at any time and will help with the wellbeing of your household.

Missing granules

Granule loss in shingles is the result of having poor bonding of the asphalt to the granule at the manufacturing level. When granules are missing, this can also cause cracking, and you want to keep an eye on it. Just as explained above, if your roof if new and you are noticing a lot of missing granules, you should contact your prior roofing contractor to come and assess the situation.

Roof looks worn
This is probably one of the most obvious tell-tale signs. A roof that looks worn is definitely worn out. If you have had the same roof for over 20 years or you live in extreme climates whether cold or hot, you should replace it. If you procrastinate in replacing a roof, you could be inviting damage to the inside of your home as well if you don’t take care of it immediately. When replacing, you could store your old one in a Connecticut climate controlled storage facility!

Algae streaks
While algae streaks may not necessarily be damaging to your roof, it still looks terrible, and the aesthetics of your home can be compromised. There are a few things you can do to remove it such as apply a 50/50 mix of bleach and water solution to it. However, If you have a constant battle with algae streaks and can’t seem to remove it, you may need to replace your roof. Talk to your roofing contractor about any alternate roofing materials that may be resistant to algae buildup.

Moss grows in areas that are dark and cool. If you live in a shady area, then you are prone to a potential moss problem. Although moss isn’t damaging to your roof, it’s not a good look to your home. You can simply brush off the mold, but the moss will almost always return. When brushing off the mold, make sure you are careful not to damage the shingles. If you are consistently working to remove the moss, you should contact a professional roofing contractor to see what you can do to avoid the problem in the future. If the problem is bad enough and a consistent battle, you may need to replace your roof entirely.